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Self service kiosk for hospital


Aiming at the status quo of hospital informatization construction, the Health Committee has put forward construction requirements for the development of hospital informatization applications in the next 5 to 10 years, and has issued relevant standards and normative documents, aiming to strengthen top-level design and help hospital informatization construction in the standard normative , data consistency, data connectivity and other aspects are further improved to ensure the effective interconnection of various types of medical data, and to promote the sustainable development of hospital informatization. This is inseparable from the carrying of medical self-service terminal hardware.
Medical full-function self-service kiosk is a new type of self-service terminal suitable for aging. It has self-service card issuance, recharge, registration, payment, inquiry, printing and other functions. It can not only ensure the safe use and operation and maintenance of doctors and patients, but also can Support the full coverage of the medical treatment process and improve the efficiency of medical treatment.

For the performance of the hardware, customers have the following functional requirements:

▶ Reservation, registration, instant card issuance

▶ Support reading social security cards of different cities

▶ Support the printing of laboratory documents and labels

▶ Support cash, bank card, third-party payment, face payment

▶ Support face/fingerprint recognition

The computing and network performance requirements of hospitals are constantly increasing, the expansion of business has higher and higher requirements for business response time, and the requirements for the consistency and integrity of medical application data are getting stronger and stronger. These factors require more efficient and faster computing power in hospital data centers.

After communication, we intelligently adjust and optimize the CPU, memory, disk, network and other aspects according to the needs, and provide better computing performance, storage performance and network performance for business processing. Support trusted encryption technology to protect customer data security. Embedded server intelligent management chip can realize more network management functions. It supports server black box function and automatically records fault problems. It greatly simplifies the user's equipment deployment, management and maintenance.

In order to provide high-speed mass data storage, it adopts a dual-controller hardware architecture with flexible and changeable configurations. Support SSD configuration, which can improve higher performance through SSD cache acceleration. Provide hospitals with intelligent, efficient, rich features, open integration, and simple management of unified data storage.